TK-09 Fiber Optic Splice Enclosure

Features & Applications:
Holds up to 240 fibers.
Easy to re-enter
Cable entry/exit ports
Pressure testing valve and earth deriving device
Intergrated seal, air tight and water proof
Ideal for cable repair
RoHS compliant
Can be used in through, branch or mid span splice locations
Suitable for aerial, underground duct or direct burial applications
Model No.
Siz(mm) D】H
Cable ports
Cable Diameter
Max. Capacity (bunchy fiber)
Core capacity per tray
Sealing structure
ヵ21 (max.)
ヵ7 (min.)
Mechanical sealing
1. Two kinds of elastic ring provided: í21mm and í15mm. í21 can be shrunk till í13 while í15 can be shrunk till í7.
2. The fittings provided: 2pcs of special wrench, earthing wire, nylon tie, labeling paper, desiccant, 6 pieces of elastic ring, and 6 pieces of plastic gaskets.
3. Accessories for customers' selection: earthing deriving device, pressure testing valve, buffer tube for bunchy or ribbon fiber, 1 piece metal hoop.


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